10 Tips for After-Gym Skin Care

By  April 17, 2014

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Going to the gym is great for your overall health, causing you to sweat and release endorphins, but it may not be the best thing for your skin if it’s not taken care of properly. Check out 10 tips that will keep your skin looking great from head to toe.
1. Skip the Scrub
Exfoliation allows for dead skin to easily be removed and leaves you with soft, beautiful skin. However, sweat causes your skin to be extra sensitive, so scrubbing your skin too roughly will cause dryness. Stick to a cleansing bar meant for sensitive skin or one that has extra moisturizers to help your skin stay clean and healthy looking.

2. Rehydrate Skin
Just as your body needs to be rehydrated with water, your skin also has rehydration needs. Be sure to apply lotion to skin post-workout so the lost moisture from your workout can be replenished. Drinking water can also help keep skin hydrated.

3. Apply a Dry Shampoo
During your workout session, your scalp sweats and causes hair to look oily and flat; apply a dry shampoo for an instant fix. It reduces excess moisture and leaves your hair looking great.

4. Use Cool Water to Improve Your Complexion
Cold water after a workout not only feels amazing, but it can easily improve your skin and hair even if you expose your skin to it for just a few seconds. The cold water will help get rid of flushed cheeks, making your complexion more even.

5. Leave the Makeup at Home
Sweating causes your pores to open. By applying makeup before pores have the chance to close can cause breakouts. You can help close your pores if you’re in a rush by splashing cold water onto your face.

6. Don’t Let the Water Get Too Hot
Although hot water may be tempting because it helps relieve sore muscles after a long workout, it may also cause your skin to lose a lot of moisture. Stick to warm water to prevent your skin from losing more moisture than it already has during your workout.

7. Change Your Clothes Right Away
Keeping your sweaty clothes on can trap perspiration and lead to breakouts or body acne, so try to change out of them as soon as possible. Avoid putting on the same workout clothes after a shower; the sweat remains in the fabric and can lead to breakouts even though you’ve showered.

8. Pack Beauty Minis
If your daily beauty routine at home includes a different body wash and face wash, why not do the same at the gym? Some gyms don’t offer all the cleansing products you regularly use, so keeping mini-size items in your gym bag is a good way to ensure your hair, body, and face are treated the same way you normally would. Because they’re the same ones you use at home, you know exactly the way your hair, body, and face react.

9. Pat Your Skin Dry
Rubbing your skin can cause a great deal of irritation if your towel is too rough, but that’s especially true when your skin is at its most sensitive. Towel drying after the gym can be highly irritating for all skin types, not just those with sensitive skin, because working out makes your skin more sensitive than it normally is.

10. Go Easy on the Hair Products
Try not to use heavy hair products pre-workout if you can. During your workout, heavy products may make their way down past your hair and onto your skin causing breakouts or acne. Instead, either opt for no product at all or, if that isn’t possible, don’t apply any products within two inches of the hairline to avoid the substance from reaching your face during your workout.