3 Musical Workouts To Get Your Heart Rate “Tapping”

By  September 13, 2013

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As the end of summer nears, you’re probably more excited to sip sangria poolside than hit up the gym. Well, put down that drink…for an hour at least, because my music editor Sari Beth (on MizzFIT.com) and I found 3 workouts that will have you happily trading in your sandals for your Fall sneakers. These are our picks: Punk Rope, Pound and Doonya Bollywood Dancing.


JUMP IT UP with Punk Rope

Want to burn calories and forget that you’re stuck in a fitness class? New York City-based personal trainer, Tim Haft created the Punk Rope class in 2004 with the goal of creating a fun workout class with an energetic blend of fitness games, calisthenics and jumping rope, all set to a curated playlist of rock music.

After personally experiencing his class, I can attest that he achieved this goal. The class I took combined lots of rope jumping, games that were sneak attack full body workouts and relay races all based around the theme of “Tartan Week”, which also entailed a cool music playlist of Scottish bands. Recent themes have been “Roller Derby”, “Bastille Day” and “Superheroes”. Tim Haft and his co-instructor Shana Brady are always coming up with new and imaginative classes every week while curating a fun playlist to match.

In New York City, they teach 2 Punk Rope classes per week but you can also find classes in Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. For more information about Punk Rope and to find a class near you visit the Punk Rope website.



BANG IT OUT with Pound

Want to tap into your inner rockstar AND get fit? Pound was created by 2 drumming girls out of Los Angeles and it’s a rockin’ workout. It all started when Cristina Perenboom broke her drum stool but continued to squat and drum for another hour. The next morning she was super sore and approached fellow drummer Kirsten Potenza about turning her happy accident into a transformational drumming workout.

Cristina and Kirsten decided to combine drumming with traditional Pilates and barre-method inspired moves turning it into a full-body cardio jam session workout. The goal, similar to Punk Rope, was to create a workout that’s contagiously fun but still burns calories. They invented the Ripstix next. Ripstix are bright green drum sticks designed for Pound class. They make you feel like drummer, and moving them fast works your arms like you’d never believe.

Pound is taught throughout the United States at Crunch gyms, as well as in Canada, Mexico and Australia. If you’re not within reach of a Pound location, you can subscribe to the POUND VIP Backstage Pass and enjoy the workout in the comfort of your own pad. My experience of the class was a fun, noisy party and a sneak attack sweat fest. According to founders Kirsten and Christina you can burn between 600-900 calories in 1 class! Get in on this workout HERE and pound the fat away!



DANCE IT OUT with Doonya

Want to dance like you’re a hot Bollywood movie star? Bet you thought you never could. Doonya is your shot and it’s loaded with fitness! This unconventional workout was inspired by the Bollywood dance roots of the 2 class creators who are both standout Indian dance performers and fitness instructors, Priya Pandya and Kajal Desai. Their goal was to create a class that appealed to women who wanted to sweat in a different kind of way that didn’t feel dreadful.

Doonya combines high-impact moves like hopping, stomping and spinning to Indian classical, folk, BollyPop and Bhangra. But it isn’t all play! Instructors like to sneak in planks, push-ups and burpees where they can. You will seriously feel sexy and exotic after mastering these moves. You’ll be working it instead of working yourself down. Take Doonya class in New York City, Los Angeles or Washington, DC. You can also buy the DVD. Go to Doonya’s website for details.

What’s cool about these 3 workouts is that they’ll inspire you to stay fit and energized even as summer wanes. Now that’s something to get out of your lounge chair for!

This article was co-written by Bianca Jade and Sari Beth, editor of the Musique page on MizzFIT.com.

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