5 Tips for Friending People at the Gym

By  February 19, 2014

Ever Wonder How to “Friend” Cool People in Group Fitness Class?


Here are my 5 best tips for friending people at the gym without seeming like a weird stalker. Hope they work for you!

1.  The Age Old Outfit Compliment: Of course you should be honest and not just fabricate any old compliment. Next think you know you are telling the girl you want to friend that you like some old ugly ratty t-shirt that she threw on because she hadn’t done her laundry. Find something that you sincerely admire that she’s wearing and say “hey, nice Nikes, did you get them recently?” This is an automatic conversation starter that lends itself to a totally comfortable and not awkward dialogue.

2. Become A Regular: You are more likely to feel comfortable talking to people in class if you’re a regular. First of all you will have more common ground if you have been going to the class for a couple of months with some other people. Additionally, you will feel kind of awkward if you just randomly start talking to the person next to you if you’ve seen them a few times previously in class. Also, you probably have something in common with other regulars.

3. Inquire about the Instructor: If you do become a regular and notice the same people in your class every Wednesday night, that means that a) you obviously like that instructor and b) so do all the people around you. Another great way to make friends is to ask someone if and when the instructor teaches other classes. This could easily lead to a plan to attend a different class elsewhere with your new friend from class.

4. Friends Beget Friends: Sometimes when you have a friend by your side in class you automatically feel more at ease and outgoing. Of course, this could backfire if you bring that friend who wants to tell you about her latest guy drama during the 5 minute set up time before class. That’s why you should bring another friend who is equally interested in making new friends in class.

5. Smile and Find Your Inner Confidence…and New Friends: I know, this one sounds corny and obvious…but try it. If you have happiness from within it’s infectious and especially in a healthy fitness environment people are looking for other confident and positive people. You probably won’t have to do much more than stand at your mat before you find someone chatting YOU up in class.


This article was co-written by Bianca Jade and Sari Beth, editor of the Musique page on MizzFIT.com.

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