A Fence-less Festival + 14 More Reasons To Go To Wanderlust in 2014

By  August 26, 2013


I never really knew what wanderlust meant until the Wanderlust Festival emerged 5 years ago. So for all of you out there in the same boat, here you go:

wanderlust |ˈwändərˌləst|


a strong desire to travel

After 5-years of hearing about Wanderlust and seeing fantastic pictures from this traveling festival, I figured it was time for me to finally go and check it out for myself! So I headed out to the festival in Copper Mountain, Colorado, one of a handful of destinations Wanderlust would be occupying for 4 days. When I got to Copper everything was peaceful and very quiet but on the 1st day of the festival, everything lit up! I was blown away by the entire weekend and how well the festival was organized. More women need to have Wanderlust on their radar! Especially those with a strong desire to travel outward and inward.

Here are my top 15 reasons to put Wanderlust on your TO DO list for next year!

  1. The Wanderlust Festival is one of the 1st of a new generation of festivals. It’s set up in a very open, roam-free way. There are no fences or corrals. No long lines, pushing, overcrowding or people who’ve had too much to drink. Unless they’ve been drinking water!
  2. This ain’t no hippy-fest! There’s actually no stereotypical “wanderluster”. The people who attend love yoga, spirituality, meditation, homeopathy, fitness, food, the outdoors and music. You basically get a range of mature, educated and outgoing people who are already plugged into a healthy lifestyle and are curious to learn more. You’ll find people who value fashion, community and life inspiration. No one’s there to be shy or judge–they want to connect!
  3. About 70% of the people who go to Wanderlust are between the ages of 25-34. So if this is your age bracket and you’re looking to meet cool people who like yoga, nature, music and overall wellness, then you’ve hit the jackpot!
  4. Wanderlust is a mix of destination, mind-body health, fitness and leisure. So if you’re into being in the midst of a beautiful natural environment where you can work out, meditate and check out new wellness approaches that people have created, then this is a trip you must embark on. This Summer’s Wanderlust locations included: Chile, Vermont, Whistler, Lake Tahoe California, and Austin Texas. There’s also Oahu, Hawaii in 2014! Here’s a pic of where I was in Copper Moutain, Coloradocooper mountain wanderlustwanderlust CO
  5. Yoga is one of the main draws at Wanderlust.  It’s basically yogi heaven there because the range of classes offered is incredible! You can experience everything from Power Yoga to Kundalini in 4 days. Yoga Sculpt was my favorite class at the Colorado festival because it included cardio & strength training. And what’s really special is that celebrity yoga teachers like Seane Corn and Elena Brower come from the coasts to teach classes. If you don’t live in NYC or LA, this is quite a treat and they’re also around to talk to you during the festival!
  6. There’s a sense of community that builds over the Wanderlust weekend as you get to know the people in your mind-body-fitness sessions, the vendors and the Wanderlust staff at hand. Everyone is so easy going an in a great mood. Prepare to make insta-besties!
  7. Beyond the yoga that everyone expects at Wanderlust, there are outdoor activities like SUP boarding, hiking, biking, and running. paddle yogaBut it really depends on what festival destination you pick. I was in Copper Mountain, Colorado and had the luxury of lounging in the sun at the base of the mountain. I also climbed 12,000 feet (with the help of a lift) to the top! Now that was fun!
  8. Wanderlust is decorated with booths and tents of amazing wellness companies generously handing out samples of their products. Or in the case of KIND, just handing out free flowers to brighten your day! Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 3.57.16 PMI tried almost everything but the winners in my opinion were Evolution Fresh cold-pressed juices, Kind’s new Gluten Free Clusters and Navitas Naturals Superfood Power Snacks. Who doesn’t like sampling, right?
  9. samplesSpeaking of food, the dining is spectacular! Mostly because the restaurants partnering with Wanderlust over the festival weekend offer special vegetarian and gluten free menus! Since I’m gluten free, this was exciting and I had a lot of entrees to choose from which isn’t usually the case when I travel.
  10. There’s fashion to be found at Wanderlust! Lots of great stuff to buy, admire and emulate. I snapped some of these fit looks… wanderlust fashionAnd I snagged some of these goodies… yogi fashion
  11. You won’t get bored once your day of yoga, meditation and fitness activity winds down because the festival keeps going with film features like Kumare’ (which I saw and died over—it’s the best movie EVER) and live music shows from well-known artists like MCYogi and Moby.
  12. t’s a fact that a lot of women who go to Wanderlust are just hitting their creative stride in life. I was told by the 2 Wanderlust founders that they’re overjoyed at how inundated with emails they are of transformational stories from people who found new careers or true callings just by attending. So if you’re looking for some inspiration or feel “stuck” in your current situation, this festival may bring you some much needed insight and help you network.
  13. You will have some pretty special moments at Wanderlust, like this moment captured in the photograph below.music at wanderlust The woman playing the violin is the artist behind Quixotic. Hannah Thiem led us on a hike and then played her music for us as we sat in bliss in the mountains. It was absolutely serene and amazing!
  14. Wanderlust is a destination-focused mind-body festival but it’s also a personal journey if you let it be. I learned a lot about myself and just went with the flow…which is kind of what the weekend is all about—learning how to flow peacefully through life.

And now for my favorite and TOP REASON for you to go to Wanderlust…

15 “It’s a way to gather that isn’t on Facebook.” These are the words of the men who masterminded the festival. And to that, I say AMEN! Time for you to log-off and go wander!

My trip to Wanderlust returned me to a sound mind and open heart. I went because I was dealing with some stuff in my own life, but that’s another story I can tell you all about it if you click HERE and visit me at MizzFIT.com!

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