A Fresh Take on Office Lunches

By  April 08, 2014


Ditch the tasteless sandwich, the cold leftover pizza, and Taco Tuesdays at the food trucks. To make your 9-to-5 a little less bland, all you need for better for you, more appetizing lunch options may already be in your fridge and freezer.

You’ve constantly been told that breakfast is the most important meal, but lunch should also be a vital part of your day—especially when you’re at the office. Between meetings and conference calls, you’re going to need energy to get through your busy schedule. Buying lunch every day can be costly to your health and your wallet. Opt for preparing your food the evening before to help trim your budget and your waistline.

With a little planning, you can pack your lunch earlier so you can just grab it and go when you’re ready to leave, without feeling rushed. Picking foods high in protein like beans, nuts, and vegetables will keep you going strong throughout the day—for example, a MorningStar Farms Roasted Garlic and Quinoa Burger contains 44 percent less fat* than regular ground beef and has a mixture of carrots, lentils, bell peppers, brown rice, for a balanced, better for you meal to fuel you through the afternoon grind. In ten minutes or less you can prepare the burger in the skillet, microwave, or grill. It’s versatile enough that you can to a whole-wheat wrap, or spinach salad, or eat it as a traditional burger.

If you’re tired of lackluster sandwiches, switch it up with whole-wheat tortilla wraps or pitas. By adding greens and other veggies, you’ll have a two-in-one sandwich-salad lunch that you’ll actually want to eat.   To curb your sugar craving, trade in a candy bar for fruit. Over time, natural sugars will satisfy your sweet tooth.

When you pack your own meal at home, you’re in better control of your portions, your budget, and your health.

*Regular ground beef contains 15g total fat per serving (67g). MSF Roasted Garlic and Quinoa Burgers contain 8g total fat per serving (67g).