Quick Workout with Your Tablet

By  April 22, 2013

Be Fit

10 minutes a day. Just 10. I can do that. Granted, it might mean spending less time cuddling with my iPad under the blankets watching Revenge on Hulu. But hey, I know my body will thank me later.

The BeFIT YouTube channel just launched a new series called BeFit Go. Prop your tablet, commit to 10 minutes, and get movin’.

Temporary Tattoos That Inspire

By  April 03, 2013

inspirational tattoos

One day little Ella comes home from another birthday party with yet another ugly temporary tattoo. Her mama and blogger extraordinaire, Tina, says “no more!” And, off she went rounding up her designer friends to help her on her mission to create special, beautiful, artistic, quality, temporary tattoos.

Meet Tattly.

Not only is Tattly’s story inspirational (if you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it then change the way you feel about it – sort of thing), Tattly also has a line of inspirational tattoos. I know!

Which Tattly would you use to decorate your skin and inspire those around you?


By  April 01, 2013


Some like cat videos, others like laughing baby videos, the truth is we all have our favorites. In this week’s edition of Feel Good Monday we have some online videos that will boost your mood.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.

// Are you excited about the weather warming up? Us too. This video will make you even more excited.
// If you missed Holi last week this video will surely get you pumped about putting it in your calendar for next year.
// Need a little motivation to get out and exercise? Watch this!
// Shadow puppets? Why not.
// Watching this little girl (who is now grown up!) never gets old.
// If you’re in the mood for something romantic, this one is classic.
// If you’re feeling like being creative is a waste of time, think again.
// A collection of starlings is called a murmuration. Murmuration is probably one of the most beautiful phenomenons in the world.
// Feeling brave? This brave?
// Let’s end this list with another one that will get you excited about sunshine, water, and friends.

Happy Monday

Texas Teen Spends Summer Giving Back

By  July 04, 2012

Megan Tran (left) and Maeve Mitchell (right)

Maeve Mitchell may be young but she’s already making her mark in her local community.

For the past four years, the Texas teen has been working with her Girl Scout Group and actively participating in the National Junior Honor Society. She chose these two organizations for their commitment to service and empowering future leaders.

Out of the hundreds of projects she’s helped with, one of her fondest memories is redecorating the living room at a local Salvation Army. She and her fellow Girl Scouts bought new furniture and toys to fill the freshly-painted room, all to the surprise of the residents.

This selfless philanthropy doesn’t go unnoticed. Her strong devotion to her faith and efforts as an active American citizen earned her this year’s American Way Award, an honor given to one male and female eighth grader attending a private school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Receiving this honor in front of her eighth-grade graduating class helped solidify her dedication to giving back. “I get a thrill from helping people in any way,” says Maeve. “I am and always will be excited to assist the community or even the world in any way possible.”

School may be out for the summer but the former Student of the Month has busy days ahead. When she’s not hanging out with her friends, she’ll be enjoying her fourth year as a Vacation Bible School volunteer. In the past she’s assisted in the Nursery and Music rooms and is excited to see where she lands this year.

The future freshman is already looking toward her future and knows her volunteering experience will take her far. “I have thought about many career paths and no matter what the position, I know leadership will be important. I feel like I have found my calling- helping people and being a leader.”

Maeve says volunteering has opened her eyes to the plights of underprivileged people around the world and plans to start a service organization for people in need. Let’s congratulate this top teen for making a difference in her community! Keep up the great work!

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Harvest Eating: Making the Most of Seasonal Fare

By  June 19, 2012

How to Stay Upbeat and Optimistic

By  June 06, 2012

Green Your Beauty Routine

By  June 05, 2012

Say “Yes to” Growing Gardens

By  May 23, 2012

In honor of Earth Week, beauty brand Yes To Carrots is putting its money where its mouth is. This week it’s offering a 25% discount on all products on the site  by entering the promo code EARTH at checkout. Its non-profit arm, Yes To Seed Fund has also partnered with Whole Foods Market to build school and community gardens this year. The companies are giving out Seed Fund School Garden Grants to local schools that devote their time to building school gardens and teaching children about proper nutrition. The fund will be awarding ten $2,000 grants for schools in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California as well as five $500 Seed Fund Starter Grants for schools throughout the country. The Seed Fund Garden Grant recipients will be announced on June 15th.

For more information or to apply your school for the grants from now until May 31st, please visit YesToCarrots.com/SeedFundGardens

xx, Valis Vicenty

Is Your Handbag Hurting You?

By  May 23, 2012

When it comes to our purse, we think like a Girl Scout. We try to “be prepared” as we go through the day with all of our necessities: Gum, lip balm, cell phone, iPod, wallet, makeup bag, keys, pens, notepads, and bobby pins. Problem is, lugging around all of these things can literally drag us down.

See, slinging a heavy handbag over your shoulder causes you to crunch your neck and back. Your shoulder and arm quickly become fatigued, and later in life you may be plagued with joint problems.

But all of this can be easily avoided. Instead of carrying everything in one bag, try to separate your things in two bags. Carrying a bag with a wider strap will better distribute the weight on your shoulders, and switching sides often will help as well. Lastly, a cross-body satchel will place the bulk of the weight across your core.

xx, Valis Vicenty

5 Simple Ways to Treat Your Body Well

By  May 22, 2012