Camping Tents Worth Buying

By  August 05, 2013


Image via Designboom

I have camping on my mind. I’m gearing up for a weekend camping trip to Yosemite with my husband, 3 kids, and some family friends. I’m excited! Preparing and packing for a camping trip with kids (favorite teddy bear, security blanket, other security blanket) is a lot of work; it’s so much work that I almost give up. Almost. The thing that keeps me going is knowing that in the end we all have fun. I know it’s cliche but being close to the fire roasting marshmallows is epic.

We’re planning on catching the meteor shower. Wish us luck, the kids are really looking forward to seeing shooting stars.

Have you gone on any camping trips this summer? Since there are now 5 of us and we only have a 4-person tent I started doing some research on tents. I was happy to find tents that fit a large family (dreamy!) as well as tents for the solo traveler (an even better dream for this busy mama).

Have your pick.

camping tents

  1. Lone Spring, $189.95, from Big Agnes: Tight on cash? This is a great quality tent that is sure to fit your budget.
  2. Terratrio 2P, £175, from Vaude: This 2 person tent has a great porch feature that allows you to leave your camping gear outside, so you can have room to snuggle up with your significant other and not be squished by your backpack.
  3. Easy Camp Tipi Tent, £89.99, from Surfdome: The ideal small and stylish tent for a variety of occasions.
  4. Outlife Four Seasons Tent, from Vaude: Transparent tent so you can enjoy nature while finding refuge.
  5. 2- Meter Dome, $5000, from The North Face: If you’re planning on spending long periods of time in the mountains, this is the dream base camp tent.

Do you have a tent that you love or a tent that you’re saving your pennies for?