Choosing a Yoga/Exercise DVD That’s Right For You

By  January 20, 2014


In the New Year you may have made a resolution to commit to a regular yoga practice. If you’re as time pressed as I am, you may find it hard to make it to a yoga class. As a new mom, I’ve found working out to DVDs is ideal. I can do them on my own time instead of relying on a class schedule. I can also maximize my time without having to commute to a studio. Best of all, I get to try out a variety of styles and pick whatever fits my mood and energy that day.

If you are a brand new yogi, it’s good to start with a basics or beginners yoga DVD. I like Desiree Bartlett’s Yoga for Beginners as well as Barbara Benagh’s DVD. It’s always a good idea to watch the entire program first, if you have the time to get a general overview. Go at your own pace and pause the DVD when you need to. If you’re looking to tone your core or get some good core work in as well (which always helps you take your yoga practice deeper), my own Pilates for Beginner’s is also a good option.

If you’re already proficient in yoga but have lost motivation, try a new style to pique your curiosity and make you fall in love again with your current routine. I picked up a Kundalini yoga DVD by Maya Fiennes and I absolutely loved it. It was really fun to try something different than my usual vinyasa style of yoga and it kept me engaged. I also found that the breath awareness helped me go deeper in my vinyasa practice. Try anything outside of your regular style of practice; or a completely different fitness video such as Zumba or a strength training DVD as a compliment to your yoga practice.

Maybe you’re looking to take your current practice to a new level. Now is the time to grab an advanced DVD. Bryan Kest, Baron Baptiste and Ana Forest all have challenging advanced workouts. My most recent DVD, Yoga Slim is also a fast paced moving flow that includes side crow and difficult standing balances. Advanced DVDs are awesome to have at home so you can take your time practicing challenging poses. You can look forward to getting closer to your goals each time you practice the DVD.

Lastly, if you just want to reduce your stress levels and relax more, pick up a Restorative, Gentle or Meditation DVD. You can close the door, curl up in your favorite yoga clothes or pjs, light a candle and give yourself some much deserved TLC. Rodney Yee and Eoin Finn both have some nice meditative options.


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