DIY Organizing Your Bathroom Closet

By  February 01, 2014


Organizing your bathroom closet is never an easy or enjoyable experience. Whether you live by yourself or with your husband or family, these tips can make finding items in any closet a little easier.

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves It seems your bathroom closet needs to hold nearly everything, whether it’s big, bulky items or small bottles of toiletries, and this makes organization key. To store towels, sheets, baskets, and beauty products, shelves of varying height are needed. A system that allows you to move and customize the shelves to whatever size you need is a good idea and also allows for easy rearranging in the future. By adjusting shelves to fit your specific items, it allows the space to be used efficiently.

Use Baskets for Big Items An easy way to create an organized look is to use coordinating baskets. Don’t be afraid to fill them to the brim with sheets, towels, tissue boxes, and even toilet paper for a clean, organized look. Baskets are a good choice for these items so clutter is hidden within them, out of sight. You can also use color-coordinated baskets to make it easier for others to distinguish their items from your own. Instead of leaving items such as facial tissue or Quilted Northern® Toilet Paper in their plastic packaging, simply stack the individual items neatly in a basket for a clean, sleek look.

Trays and Clear Containers for Small Items Trays and clear containers will help you to save time when looking for specific items. By allowing the products to be displayed nice and neat within the container, you can quickly find what you’re looking for. A good idea is to group like items on the same shelf or even in the same container to keep everything together and organized. Everyone receives a ton of free beauty samples that cause clutter and take up space; try putting all of them in small, clear, stackable drawers. It will help keep them all in the same place, and by dividing them by type—such as hair, skin, face, perfume—you can grab exactly what you’re looking for.

Label Everything Regardless of whether the container is see-through or a basket, labels are your new best friend when it comes to organizing. Not only do they help distinguish what items are in each compartment of your closet, but you can also use them to determine which baskets belong to each member of the household. A piece of sturdy cardboard and chalkboard paint create an easy label that can be attached to anything and quickly changed when needed, which helps keep everything up-to-date and organized.

A good bathroom closet should be well organized and easily accessible for anyone. These simple tips for uniformity, efficiency, and easy sorting can help bring order to any space in your home, especially the bathroom.