Feed Your Hair: Kiwi Fruit Extract for Dry Hair

By  January 04, 2012

There is no doubt that kiwi (or “Actinidia chinensis Planchon) has been considered a “wonder fruit,” meaning it has numerous properties that are beneficial to the body on the inside and out. Not only does kiwi taste yummy, it also helps with regenerating damaged skin cells and tissues and and is rich in dietary fiber, which makes it a great fruit to feed your hair! Kiwi fruit oil and the oil from its seed are used in numerous anti-aging products and has been said to be one of the imperative ingredients in fighting dermatitis. One kiwi fruit contains approximatley100 mg of vitamin C, which is the approximate recommended US daily intake.

In addition, kiwi is high in phytonutrients (naturally occurring nutrients found only in plants), minerals, magnesium and vitamins C & E. Kiwi seed oil or the extract is high in alpha-linolelic acid (ALA: kind of omega-3 fatty acid found in plants) which helps your hair and skin retain moisture and prevent scaling, cracking or even dandruff. It contains over 60 percent of this essential fatty acid and it is extremely beneficial for the hair.

Benefits of Kiwi Seed Oil/Fruit Extract

  • helps the body emulsify and absorb vitamins, A, D, E, & K
  • helps maintain moisture in skin and hair
  • rich in vitamins and nutrients that the hair and body needs
  • helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • helps facilitate and ease the process of digestion
  • high in alpha-lineolic acid
  • helps fight dandruff and rough, dry skin and hair

Where can I find Kiwi Seed Oil or Extract
Kiwi seed extract and oil can usually be found at your local international market, Whole Foods or organic market, and from various outlets online such as From Nature with Love, Bear Fruit Hair or Tropical Traditions.

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