Fitness Gifts for Under $30

By  December 04, 2013


This tried-and-tested exercise gear is sure to bring good cheer. Whether you’re choosing something up for your office-party secret-Santa pick or your lifelong best friend, there’s no need to break the bank. For under $30 you can find a gift that will last.

Champion Vapor® Long Sleeve Tee | $16.99

For your gym-loving or outdoor-running friend, this long sleeve, lightweight performance tee is perfect! Champion Vapor technology dries faster as body heat rises, so they’ll feel dry and comfortable as they exercise.

Gold’s Gym 18-Inch Foam Roller | $14.77

Self-myofascial release, also known as foam rolling, is the new trend for people at all levels of fitness. The foam roller aids in self-massage to release muscle tightness after a long run, for example. Why pay $60 on a single massage when you can spend less than $15 on a gift that keeps on giving.

MidZero Arm Warmer | $29.95

Arms warmers are great for a variety of activities and give you the control to regulate your body temperature. The fleece interior and flat seams provide amazing comfort—great for winter-sports lovers.

Sigma BC 1009 Bicycle Speedometer | $24.38

Are you the tortoise or the hare? This water-resistant bike speedometer displays your current speeds, average speed, and maximum speed. You can also check your trip distance and total distance to get a good sense of how you’re riding.

Recycled Yoga Mat Bag | $22

Get to the studio in style with this eco-friendly yoga mat bag made of recycled rice bags. This water-resistant bag makes it convenient to carry and protect your most Zen possession.