Is Your Handbag Hurting You?

By  May 23, 2012

When it comes to our purse, we think like a Girl Scout. We try to “be prepared” as we go through the day with all of our necessities: Gum, lip balm, cell phone, iPod, wallet, makeup bag, keys, pens, notepads, and bobby pins. Problem is, lugging around all of these things can literally drag us down.

See, slinging a heavy handbag over your shoulder causes you to crunch your neck and back. Your shoulder and arm quickly become fatigued, and later in life you may be plagued with joint problems.

But all of this can be easily avoided. Instead of carrying everything in one bag, try to separate your things in two bags. Carrying a bag with a wider strap will better distribute the weight on your shoulders, and switching sides often will help as well. Lastly, a cross-body satchel will place the bulk of the weight across your core.

xx, Valis Vicenty