Must Have: The New Dyson Cool Fan

By  March 06, 2014

With the weather heating up, it’s the ideal time to cool down—and Dyson AMO6 bladeless desk fans is a great option. For those who like to sleep with a cool breeze, this fan provides airflow without the noise so common in conventional fans. There’s also a sleep-timer feature, which allows you to set the fan for up to nine hours. By setting the timer to turn off the fan while you’re already fast asleep and the outdoor temperatures have dropped, you’ll save energy and remain asleep instead of stumbling in the darkness to turn off the fan.


The bladeless design not only makes the fan incredibly easy and fast to clean, but it also allows for one constant steam of air, rather than the choppy motion of conventional fans. This feels amazing after a workout, whether you’re sitting right in front of the fan stretching or letting the air blow on you from a distance as you catch your breath. With so many different speed settings to choose from, you can keep a fan nearby while doing morning yoga—at the lowest setting, it feels just like a mild natural breeze, helping you to relax even further. Whether you want to increase your comfort at night, during the day, or after a summer workout, this bladeless fan is one cool solution.


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