Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions with Preva

By  January 09, 2014

Finding the motivation to become more active or go to the gym regularly can be difficult. Precor is changing the workout experience and how you look at your fitness routine.

We’re two weeks into the New Year and if you’ve already thought about quitting that “get fit” resolution, check out Precor’s networked fitness.

As one of the leading companies designing and building fitness equipment, Precor supplies machines to universities, gyms, hotels, and people around the world. The company’s networked fitness group has developed Preva, personalized fitness experience designed to help motivate and achieve your goals.

After you create a Preva account, you can set targets, track your progress, and earn badges by reaching your objective. “Statistics show if you have a goal, you’re twice more likely to go to the gym,” said Brent Brooks, Precor’s vice president of networked fitness.

Your Preva account saves all your successes and shows you how you’ve progressed over time.

Your workouts and developments are stored in the cloud, so you can access your Preva account on any Preva exercise machine worldwide or outside the gym via an app.


Whenever you get on any Preva machine off the 880 cardio line, you’re immediately faced with a tablet-like feature. Precor integrates fitness and media, enabling you to work out while browsing the Internet, checking social media, or catching up on your favorite TV shows.


The tablet feature acts as a diversion that works to prevent your thinking about how much you’re sweating or how tired you feel. With that distraction, the tablet gives the user the perception that time passes quickly, making that hour you’ve been on the treadmill to feel like next to nothing.

Additionally, Precor is developing new ways to get personal trainers involved with Preva, which would provide extra help and motivation during a work-out.

Although Preva has existed for a few years now, the system is certainly not done improving. “We’re just getting started,” Brooks said.

Leave your excuses in 2013 and stay on track with Preva to help realize those New Years’ resolutions.

To create an account and start using Preva, go to