Top 10 Ways to Feel More Energized

Tune in
Chat it up
Plan an event
Get moving
Take up a hobby
Sit up straight
Breathe deeply
Lighten your load
Catch some z's
Tune in Smile Chat it up Plan an event Get moving Take up a hobby Sit up straight Breathe deeply Lighten your load Catch some z's
By Christine Chan October 02, 2008
Music can affect your physical and mental state, triggering bold dance moves or a trip down memory lane. Boost your energy and spirits with a playlist of tunes you love.
Smiling instantly lifts your mood and the mood of those around you. Try smiling more and make a mental note of what makes you smile. It keeps the energy positive, helping you feel lighter and happier.
You often gain energy from interacting with other people. Pick up the phone or make a date with your BFF. Talking to an energetic friend can instantly boost your own energy and lift your spirits.
The anticipation of planning an event is fun and mentally uplifting. Surprise your friends with a dinner or organize a themed birthday party; it’s a great way to get creative and find fun activities to do and new restaurants to try.
A change of environment can help improve your mood instantly. Simply going outside to stretch and breathe the fresh air may be just what you need to relieve stress and clear your mind.
Find something you’re passionate about. Signing up for that Pilates class you’ve been talking about or learning to bake will help take your mind off work and give you something to look forward to.
If you notice that you start to slouch over your desk at the end of the day, take the initiative to sit up straight and gently roll your shoulders back. A healthy posture can help give you confidence to get through the pile of tasks that need attention.
When you’re feeling sluggish, try taking slow, deep, deliberate breaths. Breathing deeply helps improve circulation in your body and brings clarity to your mind. Simply spending a couple of minutes to practice deep breathing will rejuvenate you.
Sometimes we may try to do more than we’re capable of, both professionally and privately. Reexamining your priorities will help you feel organized and accomplished. Take the time to look over your to-do list and prioritize according to what you feel you can accomplish. Whittling down the load will give you more energy to spend on other stuff.
Nothing feels better than a good night’s sleep. Make an effort to maintain a regular sleep schedule and to get continuous, uninterrupted sleep. It’ll help improve your energy, focus, and creativity.
We all want to look and feel our best, but deadlines and errands can take their toll. Fortunately, we can incorporate these little changes into our lives to help us feel alert, energized, and ready to go.
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