Tackling the Taboo: 5 Common Women’s Health Myths

By  February 19, 2013

Half-truths and old wives’ tales abound when it comes to health and wellness. With so many conflicting inconsistencies out there, what’s a woman to believe? Let’s get savvy about fallacies cloaked as facts. We’re here to set the record straight on these five easy-to-fall-for misconceptions.

It’s Impossible to Get Pregnant During Your Period

Think twice about having unprotected sex, even if you’ve started menstruating. It’s possible to mistake ovulatory spotting for the start of your period. Plus, the life span of sperm is five to seven days, making unprotected sex toward the end of your period a risk. Join U by Kotex® Brand’s new Generation Know™ campaign to start learning about and putting an end to the potentially dangerous misinformation out there. Knowledge is power!

Eating Spinach Shortens Your Cycle

While there’s no magic pill to trim a few days off your cycle, your diet can help curtail cramps and discomfort. Choose foods high in iron like beans and meat to ease pain. And think twice about reaching for that chocolate bar. Those sugary treats you crave can in fact worsen your mood. Instead, try yogurt or a granola bar to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Irregular Periods Equals Reproductive Issues

Abnormal ovulation or bleeding doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have difficulty conceiving. Remember: Your menstrual cycle isn’t always like clockwork. Stress, birth control pills, dieting, and over-exercising can all throw off your timing. However, it doesn’t hurt to schedule a doctor’s visit if it’s causing you anxiety.

Skip the Gym to Be Safe

Sorry … you’ll have to find another excuse to dodge kickboxing class. If anything, you should spend more time at the gym. Aerobic exercise alleviates the agony of cramps by releasing beta-endorphins—potent pain suppressants. So peel yourself off the couch and get to spinning!

Blame Your Period for a Bad Attitude

You’re cranky and craving cookie dough. All you want to do is curl up on the couch and cry. Must be that time of the month, right? Wrong. It’s time to quash the stereotype that women become irrational, unstable, and moody before menstruation. And that means you too, ladies! There’s no known direct link to the phase of women’s cycles and emotional outbursts.