Wanderlust Festival Not Just For Yogis Anymore

By  April 28, 2014


Last year I gave you 15 Reasons to Wanderlust here on Bliss.com. The Wanderlust Festival was one of the coolest outdoor experiences of my life, especially as a yogi. But I have news! Wanderlust Festivals are no longer just for nature and music loving yogis—they’re for fitness lovers too. Wanderlust is expanding its range of activities to draw a larger wellness crowd. There will always be yogis at Wanderlust but now there will be surfers, stand up paddle boarders, runners, power walkers, hikers, crossfit-ers and more!


I saw it with my own eyes in Hawaii this past February of 2014, when I flew across the country from New York City to experience Wanderlust Festival O’ahu. Even though I loved my festival experience in Copper Mountain, Colorado, it was amazing to have way more than yoga classes at my fingertips. As a well-rounded fitness fanatic myself, I encourage non or occasional yogis to consider attending future Wanderlust festivals. Take a yoga class for the 1st time; learn how to really stretch and then check out other activities and group events that aren’t related to yoga.


My words are laced with persuasion because Wanderlust in O’ahu one of the most amazing trips of my life. O’ahu is pristine and Wanderlust seamlessly aligned itself with the culture, nature and vibe of the North Shore over the course of 4 days at Turtle Bay Resort. It wasn’t my first time in Hawaii but it was most certainly my best time there, which I keep re-living through my O’ahu Pinterest board.

At Wanderlust in O’ahu all kinds of water sports and recreational activities were just waiting for me to hop in and on board! Yes, there was yoga (I took 1 class per day) but there was also a morning run session, surfing, SUP, ocean-side walking tours, moped rentals, bike rentals, massage and facial appointments, inspirational career talks, nearby farmer’s markets to explore, fishing trips and nightly concerts.


Of course many of these activities were facilitated through Turtle Bay Resort’s offerings but with a Wanderlust ticket the prices were extremely reduced and the resort was brimming with healthy, likeminded people. I was in heaven!


During the festival I spoke with Jeff Krasno, one of the founders of Wanderlust to find out how the Wanderlust experience will continue evolving, especially in regards to fitness & fashion. Watch my interview with Jeff Krasno to hear what’s in store for you if you’re thinking about signing up or already have your ticket.

I fall in love with yoga all over again every time I go to a Wanderlust Festival. But I also fall in love with the land, food, people and personality of the location in which Wanderlust is held.  Not to mention a whole gathering of fantastic people whose loves mirror my own. I was ecstatic to meet the Island Fever Sisters there, luxury lifestyle sister-bloggers who are now friends and collaborators.

As the festival continues to expand and cater to more active-living enthusiasts, I have a feeling that “wanderlusting” will become as popular as novelty 5K runs and workout retreats. Wanderlust is truly a festival that offers a transformative experience for every kind of health nut. And who knows, you might become addicted to yoga while you’re there or in my case, spend more time istagram-ing yourself in poses than actually doing yoga!


Contributing Editor, Bianca Jade, a leading lifestyle, beauty and fitness expert, is the founder and editor of top fitness, fashion and wellness website, MizzFIT.com. Known to her readers as MizzFIT, Jade brings the latest trends in fitness apparel and accessories from around the globe, highlighting active wear from both emerging designers and major luxury sportswear brands. Through her writing, Jade is continuously committed to furthering a movement of feel-good exercise and female empowerment.